I was brought up in a construction and design environment, with my father being in the domain for the past twenty-five years. Choosing to practice design as my profession was an easy decision, since my first exposure to design started in my early school years.

My passion for interior design grew with each client I was dealing with, with each task that I was given to do and with all the new trends and technologies that are developing year by year. By continually observing people’s lifestyles and preferences, having a keen attention to details and being very passionate about how people live up their spaces, I am able to create the best living environment for them.

I believe that a good design should feel un-designed.

Below are some of my works done during my experience as an Interior Designer covering the aspects that I was involved with. 

R e s i d e n t i a l  P r o j e c t s

The source of inspiration for each project is the client, his needs and lifestyle. As a designer, my role is not only to recommend products that are beautiful and stylish, nor only giving exact solutions to solve client’s issues, but helping them to create scenarios based on objects that will help them understand the positive consequences that their choices have on their lifestyle. Together we are able to create something where the emotional relationship with design becomes more satisfying with time.


I set out to display the showrooms by always keeping the client’s needs in mind as I believe it is very important to make them feel at home and say “I want to have my house designed here”.


With styling elements (accessories, soft furnishings, books, etc.…) we are able to replicate the living spirit of a house, giving the clients the ultimate experience of a home.

IED Summer School

I had felt that I had not satisfied enough my urge to learn, so I decided to enroll for an advanced Summer course program with Istituto Europeo di Design for Interior and Showroom Design subject in Milan, Italy, to master the ability to understand and plan large spaces. The final group task was to design a co-working space for Base Milano keeping all the initial building structure untouched.

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